LaLa Feels Blah-La Receives Another 5-Star Readers’ Favorite Review
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LaLa Feels Blah-La by Tela Kayne & Goran Vitanovic | Readers' Favorite Review by Viga Boland

We just received another review from Viga Boland of Readers’ Favorite. She’s spot on in her re-telling of the story and captures the essence of the book perfectly in her review. Thank you, Viga!

Reviewed By Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite

Whether it’s children or adults, we all have “those” days, the days we wake up, don’t want to get up, and no amount of “cheer up!” works. That’s the kind of day LaLa is having when she stomps down the stairs to breakfast in LaLa Feels Blah-La by Tela Kayne and Goran Vitanovic. In fact, her day is off to such a bad start that not only doesn’t she want a happy pancake breakfast or any lunch, but when Mom asks her gently, “Are you blue?”, she almost nastily replies, “No, I’m skin-colored like always!”

Readers Favorite 5 Stars SealClever answer but not one that makes her feel better. That’s when Mom recognizes she needs to help LaLa with a bit of mommy wisdom. As a way to help LaLa understand that what we tell ourselves affects our mood, and ultimately our day, Mommy tells LaLa to picture the two sides of a coin ie. the head and tail sides. What analogy do you think her mother makes? It’s a good one!

After studying countless children’s books, author Tela Kayne has come up with a way in which children’s books can provide spiritual wisdom while being enjoyable. She is planning a series of such books and I’m sure these will be welcomed, especially with the superb illustrations by Goran Vitanovic. LaLa Feels Blah-La uses very simple one-sentence scripting in large print so children can read along. But what will keep children mesmerized and looking at the book again and again are those illustrations. Beautiful!

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LaLa Feels Blah-La is a simple telling of how kids can learn to be the change through mindfulness. Adults and children alike can benefit from the coin flip method presented in this brilliantly illustrated picture book – written by Tela Kayne and illustrated by Goran Vitanovic.

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