LaLa Feels Blah-La Receives a 5 Star Readers’ Favorite Review!
On May 10, 2018 | 0 Comments | Reviews |

Today is a very happy day! “LaLa Feels Blah-La” received a 5-star review from Readers Favorite reviewer, Kris Rondon and earned its first seal of approval. Here’s the complete review. Thank you, Kris, for your kind words!

Reviewed By Kris Rondon for Readers’ Favorite

“LaLa Feels Blah-La by Tela Kayne is about a little girl named LaLa who wakes up one morning feeling low for no particular reason. Her mother tries her best to get LaLa into a better mood by trying to coax her out of this ‘Blah’ mood. However, LaLa’s mother’s attempt to get LaLa to change her mind and improve her spirits is not initially successful. Finally, she explains how she, Mom, changes her low moods. Mom explains that every time she starts to feel icky, she thinks of a happy thought and everything changes. She suggests that LaLa try this too. It works! Mom succeeds in changing LaLa’s mood and teaches LaLa how to cope with black moods. The illustrations are perfect for young children.

LaLa Feels Blah-La is ideal for younger readers. Parents, particularly mothers, would be interested in LaLa Feels Blah-La by Tela Kayne. The story teaches kids to cope with bad moods. It’s an uplifting story, perfect for parents, teachers and any adult encouraging children to read and deal with life’s ups and downs. The intention of the author in creating this series was to help her daughters and other children better understand how their beliefs manifest their realities, so they can grow up to be the change they wish to see in the world. Hence, the reason for creating this book is impeccable. Many parents will relate to this story as children often go through such shifting mood swings. This story will help them lift their children’s moods in an easy to understand text with colorful drawings that children will empathize with easily.”

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