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As an avid reader, Goodreads is one of my favorite social platforms. I love seeing what my fellow bibliophiles are enjoying, and it’s always the first place I visit to discover the next book to add to my want to read list.  It is also the first place I posted my new children’s book, “LaLa Feels Blah-La.” It’s thrilling to see my name on the platform as both a reader and an author, and I’m super excited to announce my first giveaway to show my gratitude to all my fellow readers! It only takes a moment to enter and the odds are in your favor. 😉 Good luck!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

LaLa Feels Blah-La by Tela Kayne

LaLa Feels Blah-La

by Tela Kayne

Giveaway ends May 18, 2018.

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If you happen to win a copy of “LaLa Feels Blah-La,” would you please leave a review? Reviews are the best way for a book to reach more kids who are ready to learn how to be the change!